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Value and Sustainable Engineering Solutions


Stoford Developments, Liberty Park Widnes £2.2m

Civils and Infrastructure

Civils and Remediation were awarded the design and build of a 1.8 km access road to a new business park development. The team also completed the cycle and pedestrian path, infrastructure, surface and foul water drainage, rigid retaining wall, two substations and pumping station installation. Works began with installation of Network Rail 24-hour access, a temporary haul road, removing obstructions in the ground, locating all the existing services for diversion and stabilising site won fill to make 6F2 capping, before proceeding onto the drainage, substation and retaining wall. The drainage works consisted of surface water, foul water and rising main. During this excavation the drainage team had to connect to 13 surface water and 8 foul water connections together with flow control chamber. The retaining wall is a rigid crib lock pre-cast concrete. For the highways works, gullies and 3 differing kerb types were installed (bullnose kerbs, trief kerbs and half battered). This was completed with MOT, tarmac and road markings. This scheme was completed on time, to budget and with no 3rd party complaints or Health, Safety and Environmental issues.


"C&R had from the onset a collaborative and can-do approach and were able to complete the road with the required quality and within contract timescales despite delays caused by ohers.”

Rodrigo Weiss - Project Manager, RP

 Site adjoining live Network Rail (NWR) lines

Due to the the nature of the site, the methods used required agreement from NWR. We used stabilised capping replacement to mitigate 6F2 import & disposal and instralled a concrete crib lock retaining wall installed. We constructed 2 Substations with on site RC slab roof, alongside the installation of a Pumping station and drainage.

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